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Equity Compensated Individuals

<strong>Take Control of<br/>Your Equity</strong>

Take Control of
Your Equity

Equity compensation can be a powerful tool for building wealth, but navigating its complexities can be overwhelming. As financial planner's experienced in equity-compensated individuals, we understand the unique challenges you face. Let's discuss your specific situation and develop a personalized plan that leverages your equity compensation to achieve your financial goals. 

Maximize your Equity Compensation

Understanding Your Package

We'll break down your stock options, restricted stock units, and other equity grants, explaining their value and potential tax implications.

Valuation and Risk Analysis

We'll analyze the current and projected value of your equity, considering factors like vesting schedules and market fluctuations.

Strategic Exercise and Diversification

We'll develop a plan to optimize the exercise of your options, minimize tax liabilities, and diversify your overall portfolio.

Create Your Personalized Financial Plan


We'll work with you to define your financial goals, whether it's early retirement, homeownership, or building a diversified portfolio.


We'll develop tax-efficient strategies to minimize the impact of exercising your options and managing your equity holdings.

Retirement Planning

We'll ensure your equity compensation is integrated into your retirement plan, considering factors like vesting schedules and contribution limits.

Investment Management

We'll create a diversified investment portfolio that complements your equity holdings and aligns with your risk tolerance and long-term goals.